RayWare Wireless for MoonRay 3D Printers

Add your models and let the software do the work for you.

Version 1.4

Requires OS X 10 or higher / Windows 10 or higher.

Release Notes, RayWare 1.4.0:

  • Manual supports: Users can now add and remove supports through the edit supports feature
  • Improved supports: Supports now curve into the model rather than being flush with the surface to facilitate easier removal
  • Changed support rendering: Supports now render with a different color to make it easier to differentiate the model from its supports (especially when editing supports)
  • Platform-model contact: Navigate the camera below the platform to see what surface of the model is in contact with the print platform.
  • Updated compression GUI: Platform compression now shows the current compression value of the MoonRay when it is opened

Requires Zero Training

Start printing in just a few clicks with RayWare and MoonRay. Simply add your model, let RayWare generate supports, and start printing. RayWare also includes many optional adjustable settings, allowing your printing process to be as basic or as advanced as you’d like.

Manage Multiple Machines Wirelessly

RayWare and MoonRay strike the right balance between wireless and connected. In an environment with multiple MoonRay machines, you can quickly see which machines are ready to begin a new print. You can also check for a detailed print status update, including time remaining, within RayWare.

Create Efficient Supports

RayWare’s advanced support-generation algorithm adds strong, correctly placed supports in one click. Supports generated by RayWare were designed to be easy to remove, and are optimized to use less material than other support-generation systems.

Fill the Build Platform

Save yourself valuable time by printing multiple models at once. RayWare makes it easy to duplicate your model, add additional models, and adjust their positioning. You can also save your print layout to print it again in the future.

Legacy RayWare

Download RayWare for 1st Generation MoonRay

Version 2.23

Requires OS X 10 or higher / Windows 8 or higher.

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