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MoonRay is a high-resolution wireless desktop DLP 3D printer that delivers incredible accuracy, solid durability, and great print speed at an affordable price. The all-in-one MoonRay system includes advanced hardware, software, and materials.

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Why Digital Dentistry

Technological growth in 3D printing is ushering in a new era of digital dentistry. Beyond simply scanning patients to send out for fabrication elsewhere, doctors can now 3D print a wide variety of oral appliances in-office at a fraction of the cost of using an outside dental lab.

Today, with MoonRay, doctors can manufacture custom dental parts with the speed and precision to meet the growing demands of patients for a faster and more comfortable office experience. MoonRay offers an affordable yet powerful system to print everything from surgical guides, to night guards, denture bases, and more.

I love this printer. I have two MoonRay printers and they are always going non stop at my office. If you want to print night guards, smile design mock ups, in office aligners, or dies for crown and bridge, this printer can do it all.Dr. August de Oliveira, DDS
Low cost, high quality, simple to use, fast, and lower material costsDr. Roger R. Throndson, DDS

Kickstart Your Digital Dentistry

Surgical Guide

Serve patients quickly by printing surgical guides in-office. With MoonRay, surgical guides can be printed less than an hour using our biocompatible surgical guide resin.

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Night Guard

Creating custom night guards with our biocompatible resin is fast and easy. MoonRay’s high-resolution 3D printing capabilities means you’ll get a precise fit every time.

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Dental Models

Print accurate dental models for vacuum forming and wax ups. In-office printing of precise models with removable dies makes it simple to test the fit of dental appliances.

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Crown & Bridge

Offer patients high-strength 3D printed provisional crowns and bridges that blend seamlessly with existing teeth. Easily finish, stain, and polish.

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Denture Base

Digital dentistry has come to dentures. MoonRay can print all types of dentures including try-ins, fixed, and removable with NextDent's biocompatible denture base resin.

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Indirect Bonding Tray

Placing brackets has never been easier with indirect bonding trays printed on MoonRay. Easily place all the brackets at once, saving time at the chair.

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Case Studies Check out case studies on the latest in digital dentistry and 3D Printing.

  • - When Dr. Baron Grutter told his colleagues that he had decided to buy a 3D printer for his dental practice, they joked and chuckled because they knew him so well. The Digital Dentist. Always the first on the block to acquire every innovation that might ...

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MoonRay's hardware, software, and materials work together to deliver optimal accuracy, efficiency, and ease-of-use for the dental industry.

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